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Manchester United have taken their scouting of the best players in South America to another level. The Premier League club just appointed a former Chief Scout in Brazil to develop its scouting network.

Paulo Henrique Xavier was dismissed last month by Brazil U20s, where he had been given the task of trying to unearth the next Ronaldo or Neymar, but United have made him an offer to help its scouting team.

The South American football giants failed to qualify for the FIFA Under 20 World Cup so a number of officials were sacked by the football governing body. It was the perfect awakening for the Red Devils to snap up the scout.

United have been churned out success and failures from its Brazilian prospects. Anderson and Kleberson notably did not reach their potential at Old Trafford but the success of the Da Silva brothers stands out.

Fabio and Rafael Da Silva played for years at the club before exiting to continue elsewhere. If you want to watch Rafael in full swing you need to get some Lyon tickets, whilst twin brother Fabio is plying his trade at Middlesbrough.

United hope to get more talents from the top footballing nation. There should be more of the likes of Neymar, Gabriel Jesus and others there, right?

In other news, one of the Da Silva brothers was dragged on social media for a poor attempt at April Fool. The former Red Devils fullback on April 1st posted on his Twitter handle: “I’m coming here to say I will retired from football, was a very good nearly 10 year as a professional player but it’s a good time.”

The fans immediately knew it was a joke so they laughed him off. Rafael spent seven years at the Greater Manchester area before he moved to Lyon in the summer of 2015.

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