Rafael and Fabio Da Silva Deeply Saddened byChapecoense Crash

Submitted on Sun, 01/22/2017 - 09:03

Rafael Da Silva’s brother Fabio Da Silva says that he is deeply saddened by the loss of the entire Chapecoense football team in a plane crash.

Almost the entire team has been wiped out in a crash that took place almost a month ago. The Brazilian outfit were travelling for the Copa Sudamericana game against Atlético Nacional. After having recently been promoted to the Brazilian top division, Chapecoense were making their way to the top tiers of the Brazilian game in surprising fashion. Apart from three players, the entire team has been wiped out in one of the worst football tragedies in the history of the sport.

Brazilian Fabio da Silva has extended his support to theChapecoense supporters and the families of the players, who have been lost. Many of the young Brazilian players struggle with poverty and see football as a route out of their struggles.

Fabio says that he has been lucky enough to make it to the top level of the game where he is currently playing with Cardiff City. However, many of theChapecoense were just hoping for an opportunity at the top level of the game. The club have been handed the Copa Sudamericana with unanimous support from Brazilian football.

"A lot of those guys who died were just like me. Starting their football at a young age, leaving home and their family to follow a dream. You see yourself in them and know something like that could have happened to any one of us. Brazil is such a big country, you have to fly everywhere. At times, his voice falters, understandably so. I'm sorry. It's still very hard for me to talk about it. I had two friends on that flight,” said Fabio Da Silva. A number of clubs from across the world have extended their support toChapecoense.

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