After 7 years in Old Trafford, Rafael da Silva tries his luck in France

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In the 7 years that the Brazilian defender Rafael da Silva spent performing for Manchester United, he could never really stand out and make a name for himself and it truly came as a surprise to see him remain in the club for such a long period of time. Silva had some bright moments but some disappointing ones as well.

The Brazilian defender completed his move from Manchester United to Lyon on August of 2015 after he was left out of the tour that the Premier League had in their visit to United States but it wasn’t until a few days ago that Rafael da Silva took the chance to reveal details concerning his time in Old Trafford and why he eventually decided to test his luck in another team.

Former Manchester United defender Rafael da Silva said: “Consistency is everything in football. You get games, you feel better. You enjoy it more and your fitness is better. When you’ve not played for a long time it’s very hard for the player.

“I had some choices to go in England, but in the end I wanted to try something different. It’s good to challenge yourself. To be honest I didn’t really enjoy to play when Van Gaal was there.

Everyone is different. Results matter so if they can win the league it will be a different story. I like to enjoy myself, to try things and do stuff. Last year I wasn’t doing that. I watch them play and I’ve heard some things as well… But it’s hard. Football is for the fans. They want to see good football.”

Rafael da Silva’s transfer to Lyon appears to have been a good one for the Brazilian player as he is an active performer for the French side but his inconsistency problems still continue to emerge and this was evidenced back in November when Lyon faced off with Montpellier and Rafael da Silva mistakenly slipped the ball to CasimirNinga who made no mistake in scoring, the match eventually ended in a 4-2 triumph for Montpellier.

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