Manchester United to qualify for Champions League

Submitted on Fri, 04/28/2017 - 06:03

Former Manchester United and current Lyon defender Rafael da Silva believe that the Red Devils will qualify for the Champions League this season.

He believes that the club has been consistent lately and that they should manage to make it in the top four.

ted has one of the best managers in Jose Mourinho and that there is no doubt that the Portuguese manager will help the team become successful again.

Rafael da Silva said that he is still following the team despite the fact that he is playing in Ligue 1 and that he believes Manchester United will become better next season.

He admitted that ever since Alex Ferguson has left the club there has been a bad period at the club and he thinks that the club has done the best thing by hiring Jose Mourinho. He believes that the manager has the necessary experience to manage a club such as the Red Devils and that he knows how to deal with fans pressure.

He said that the team has been progressing steadily this season and that they really deserve their place in the top four. He stated that the Premier League has become competitive in recent years and that the club needs to continue to win games if they want to make it to the Champions League.

Rafael da Silva believes that a club such as Manchester United should be playing in the Champions League every season and he thinks that having a manager such as Jose Mourinho should be a great asset for the club.

Rafael da Silva believes that Manchester United will soon be among the best team in England and also in Europe and he wants fans to believe that they can challenge for titles again.

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