Lyon’s Rafael da Silva is not the typical money hungry footballer

Submitted on Thu, 05/04/2017 - 09:30

Footballer are regularly being targeted by the media as they are labeled as people that are mostly driven by money and everything else comes as a 2nd thought.

There’s an immense list of players who at one point in time were being praised by the supporters of a club but in the next year or month, they decide to join a rival club and their fans don’t idolize him anymore.

There was a point in time when Cesc Fabregas was a hero for Arsenal, he was someone that the fans of Arsenal was hoping to see perform with the English club and help them win major pieces of silverware but it never happened as he transferred to Barcelona on August of 2011.

Cesc Fabregas was originally raised and developed through the youth academy of Barcelona and the Spanish player wanted to make a return to his childhood club but this transfer nonetheless did not sit well with many people as Fabregas was desperately needed in Arsenal after Samir Nasri had left Arsenal in that same period of time, the only other huge figure that was left at the Emirates Stadium was Fabregas and he still opted to leave after having recently been appointed as the captain of Arsenal.

Another one of the reasons of why footballers are usually being on the spotlight of the media and critiqued when it comes to being just way too greedy is for the fact that certain players earn around £20,000 every week and sometimes even more and they are still asking for more even when being on the bench and not actually playing.

This is not the case of the former Manchester United player Rafael da Silva who donated his wages to charity while he was on the sidelines of Old Trafford. The Brazilian defender Rafael da Silva could never stand out in the Premier League club Manchester United and he had to spend a significantly long period of time on the sidelines either because he just was not good enough to get into the 1st team or simply due to injuries.

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