Submitted on Mon, 12/16/2013 - 16:25

Since the start of the season Manchester United have been wobbling and not looking as the same squad of last season that only lost 5 matches during the entire season.

David Moyes still has not found the magical formation and combination of players that can stop the team from dropping points.

Southampton and Cardiff City all managed to play rescue 1 point as they both battled it off against Manchester United and coming out with a draw which is a good result for both Cardiff and Southampton but the team guided by Moyes was expecting to do much more damage.

Carling Cup, Premier League and Champions League fixtures are all ahead of Manchester United in a busy schedule and with an ongoing list of either injured or suspended players things seems to just get worse for them.

Fellaini is not the same player he was ever since joining United while Anderson is going through the same problems meanwhile the defensive back-line has conceded almost the same amount of goals scored in this season.

Sir. Alex Ferguson was comfortable at adapting and rotating players in order to keep the momentum going when certain key figures were not available to play but Moyes is failing on doing the same thing with a team that is being plagued with weaknesses in certain areas of the pitch, some more noticeable then others.

With the exception of only a few players who have been displaying impressive performances in this season, changes need to be done and fast if Moyes wants to keep United’s hopes on winning the Premier League for another consecutive year and with the Champions League nearing its next rounds, they need to find consistency soon rather than later.

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