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Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has warned his Brazilian twins Rafael and Fabio Da Silva that they need to cut down on the number of stupid challenges they make in order to reduce the time they end up spending on the treatment table.

The twins, signed from Brazilian club Fluminense almost 6 years back now after impressing the manager at the Manchester United Youth Cup, are currently out of action, nursing injuries.

Although Rafael is closer to action after recovering from a shoulder surgery, Fabio, who is the only available left back that Ferguson had other than Patrice Evra, is still some time away from returning to action. With such a lack of options for the position it's no wonder United's best Premier League betting odds of winning the title have drifted in recent weeks.

Fabio Da Silva has been extremely injury prone during his time at Old Trafford, having suffered a broken foot as well as calf injury that kept him out of action for prolonged periods during that season. Fabio has been out of action since he pulled up a hamstring during the FA carling Cup defeat to Crystal Palace at home.

According to the critics, Fabio is the one who needs to be more careful about he goes into challenges where as Rafael needs to control his fiery temper when it comes to match situations.

But Sir Alex admits that they are strong boys and the only reason that they end up in the medical room for so long is because of their fearless challenges, which sometimes are not the best things to do.

According to Sir Alex, the boys are too optimistic when it comes to making tackles, thinking that they can win every challenge they make, but he also believes that they will learn these things with age and experience.

However, with the squad so depleted at the moment, Sir Alex could have done with a fit Rafael and Fabio Da Silva to take to the field.

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