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Rafael da Silva has dismissed a series of consistent rumors which have been going afloat involving his exit from the English club Manchester United as he stated:
"There is no reason to leave now, I am playing here, I am a starter and I don't intend to return to Brazil."

Having already made over 130 appearances with: 'The Red Devils' and being a key player for the defence of his team it seemed as not a very credible rumour to actually believe.

He was signed from Fluminense back in 2008 alongside his twin brother Fabio and with a contract that expires in 2016 there is no sign of him leaving the club anytime soon despite the interest from the Brazilian side Corinthians who are interested in acquiring his services.

The latest online betting makes interesting reading however, with Unibet offering very short odds on him leaving the club.

The Brazilian duo consisting of Marcelo and Dani Alves from Real Madrid and Barcelona respectively is the main competition for Rafael and Fabio as they expressed their intentions of playing in the upcoming World Cup which will be held in their hometown of Brazil.

Rafael stated: "I dream to be there. I will just keep doing my job here and try to play well, and sometime maybe it will happen."

Fabio chipped in: "If it doesn’t, I will be writing a letter! I think my brother is good, but still the manager doesn’t call him.

"I dream as well, but for me I think it’s harder. Last season I had a bad season – well, not a bad season, but the team didn’t do well – and that wasn’t good for me."
There is no better team for them to get noticed then in the Premier League in Old Trafford where some of the best players of the world play and where the competition only gets tougher season after season.

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