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Manchester United defender Rafael Da Silva has said that his friendship with Antonio Valencia has been the reason for their excellent rapport on the pitch.

Rafael Da Silva has formed a deadly partnership with Antonio Valencia on the right side of the Manchester United midfield.

The return from injury for the Ecuadorian has coincided with a return to form for Manchester United, who have since suffered just one defeat in their last 10 matches. Rafael Da Silva has also revealed that he feels extremely comfortable to play alongside the former Wigan Athletic winger, as Valencia is someone who understands the Brazilian totally.

Brazilian fullbacks have always had a reputation of attacking with less focus on defending, but Rafael Da Silva has not been overexposed in defence for Manchester United. One of the reasons for this is the rapport he shares with Antonio Valencia, who covers for the Brazilian when he is on the attack.

Rafael Da Silva joined Manchester United back in 2008 and has been able to establish himself in the first-team much quicker than this twin brother Fabio Da Silva. Sir Alex Ferguson recently revealed that Fabio da Silva will be sent out on loan next season in order to give him a chance to succeed in Europe, possibly to Lazio.

"To be honest, I think it's well recognised by everybody that Antonio has been one of my best friends at the club. That's not to disrespect anyone, but I think we've created a very good understanding on the pitch. I can feel what he wants to do and vice-versa, and that's probably the reason why we have so much understanding on the pitch," Rafael told reporters.

United are looking to win their record 20th Premier league title, but will face a major test in the form of Manchester city at the Etihad Stadium on April 30.

Its a shame they won't be involved in the FA Cup any longer, after being knocked out by rivals Liverpool, who have the shortest fa cup final odds.

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