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Fabio da Silva has said that he has improved himself as a defender during his tenure at QPR in the ongoing season. Silva was placed on loan to QPR at the start of this season.

Silva was hardly getting playing opportunities at Manchester United, but, at QPR, he has become a regular starter of late. He has so far played 19 games for QPR in this season and his performance has been decent.

When asked about his time at QPR so far, Silva said, “It’s been quite good here. I have enjoyed playing under the guidance of Harry Redknapp. He has backed me and I am grateful for that.”

“My game has certainly improved here at QPR. I have also played at the right and left wing here and it’s been enjoyable.”

A few days ago, the reserve coach of Manchester United, Warren Joyce also said that Silva is a better defender now and he is not too far behind his brother Rafael who has performed superbly for Manchester United in the ongoing season.

When asked about Joyce’s comments, Silva said, “I am glad that Warren rates me so highly. May be I will get more playing time at United in the future.”

Fabio Silva sat on the sidelines when QPR took on Manchester United on 23rd of February. QPR lost that match by 2-0. Fabio’s brother Rafael scored a goal for United in that match.

When asked if he enjoyed Rafael’s goal, Fabio Silva said, “Yes. That was a wonderful goal. Obviously, that goal was not good for our team as we were looking for a victory, but, that was scored by my brother. So, I enjoyed it.”
QPR is currently at the second last position in the Premier League points table and with only a handful of games left, the Rangers are in danger of finishing in the relegation zone.

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