Fabio da Silva move from Cardiff City to Manchester United

Submitted on Thu, 01/15/2015 - 17:16

The Brazilian full-back of Cardiff City Fabio da Silva was optimistic when he joined Cardiff City on January 29 of the ongoing year and during this time Cardiff City was still competing in the Premier League, however after a series of negative results they finished at the bottom of the English League and were relegated to the Championship League despite the introduction of new players to the team including Manchester United’s Fabio da Silva who had launched some pieces of advice to his new team.

“What we all have to ask ourselves individually is, ‘what can we bring to the fight?’. We have to give our all as individuals and as a team to ensure we stay in the Premier League. It doesn’t matter who we are playing against when it gets to this stage. We need points and every match is an opportunity. Survival will mean us picking up points here and there, game by game. It’s an important factor to treat things that way. People will talk about ‘six-pointers’, but every game from now until the end of this season is going to be massive’’ This was a statement that Fabio da Silva told the media a few months ago when he joined Cardiff City as the Brazilian defender tried to keep his teammates filled with hope in their challenge of surviving in the Premier League.

Unfortunately for Fabio da Silva and the rest of his teammates at Cardiff City, they finished at the bottom of the Premier League and were relegated after only being able on winning 7 league matches out of the 38 games which were played.

When the new season kicked off Fabio da Silva displayed his confidence in Cardiff City as he stated that his teammates have what it takes to return to the Premier League however, their return to the top league in England might take longer than expected as the English Championship League is being tightly contested between Derby County, AFC Bournemouth, Middlesbrough, Ipswich Town, Brentford and Blackburn Rovers. The distance between all of these clubs is only a few points.

Fabio da Silva joined Cardiff City in the early stages of 2014 and has turned into a consistent starter for the English Championship League club which is just what the Brazilian defender wants after having spent 5 seasons with Manchester United and only managing on making 22 appearances but his return to the Premier League will not be as quick as he wishes it to be.

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